Be gentle with yourself.

How long has it been since I sat down in front of my computer and decided to write an entry? This space is as good as dead but I’m trying to keep it going to connect with people whom may need help. It’s been awhile since my spiritual journey and I’m finally starting to see and understand things in a different perspective, I’ve figured out so many thing by myself and mostly it’s thanks to Kheyton – the guy that I kept mentioning on my Instagram whenever I talk about crystals that I’ve purchased from Tamza from him and another person whom play the biggest part in my current life is L – my spiritual counsellor/guide and channeler based in Japan. 

L reached out to me through my close friend one day because she sensed something. I was in fact dealing with some personal issue during that period, I felt exhausted by the awful cycle that I’m always stuck in and things just doesn’t seems to go the way I wanted no matter how much effort I input. (which I’m not comfortable to talk about this online as my love ones and other people is involved, hope that you guys will understand)

That was the first time L and I spoked on Skype. She don’t know me personally and neither we know anything about each other but it was so comforting to know that someone knows exactly what I have been dealing with. Once she connected with me with her special abilities, I didn’t even have to tell her anything and she already knew what is my deepest concern. It felt really good to have someone whom understand completely what I have been facing. After I opened up myself to her and accept to receive help, these deeper insights that she showed me gave me a clearer understanding into ‘how and why’ of my current life situations. If I have describe how it felt? DIVINE.

During these period I’ve learnt and gained so many knowledge from L – which I’m very thankful and grateful for everything she have done for me and I strongly recommend anyone whom feel lost or facing with any career, relationship, family or health issue to seek guidance from her. L was easy and nice to talk to, the guidance and support that gave me was always filled with positivity, divine love and lights. She made me felt like I can make a difference and I did. Not sure how I did that but I’m surprised that I did.

P/s: I might be unable to reply all DMs regarding crystals and the situation that you guys have been facing with but I do read them when I have time. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll try to reply you.

To anyone whom is having a bad day, I just want to tell you please don’t be too hard on yourself. Show yourself some compassion, love yourself and be proud of yourself, you are doing the best you can and you deserve to be love too.


  • L is a spiritual counsellor/guide and channeler based in Japan.
  • Email L to book a spiritual counselling session:

If you would like to purchase crystals, let Kheyton know that you saw my post so that he can try to take care of you while you’re there. He’s someone that I trust a lot and he can read energy very accurately, if the crystal that you picked for yourself is not suitable for you. He will advise you not to purchase it, I can vouch for his honesty and pure intention to help all his customers.

Tamza House of Crystals

Address: #01-64, Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652

Phone: +65 6337 1464

Disclaimer: I am not earning anything from neither of them.


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