Recently I got a chance to try out the highly raved and popular treatment called “Hyper Knife” from Japan. I went to Instagram and search for the hashtag and I was shook by the result, a lot of the Japanese posted their result after one treatment the I would say the result was significantly visible for a treatment that doesn’t have to undergo surgery or aesthetic procedure. Moreover Hyperknife is a well-known slimming machine that differences appear even with a short time treatment only once! You can search for the result online!!!!

There’s also before and after photos of HyperKnife user in the shop, check out the waist!

The machine can be use for both facials and bodies, what I’m curious about was “What benefits does Hyper Knife have?” Apparently it helps to improve your facial wrinkles, minimise/eliminate cellulites and it also helps with water retention and bloating for both facial and body. That sounds so attractive, isn’t it?

This is a painless treatment and you’ll only feel warm sensation, which I felt that it’s very comfortable!

At the end of the session I can see a slight difference on my waist line and thigh, which I believe the difference will be even more obvious after a few more time! Can’t wait to be back in Singapore to go for my next few sessions with Lucieo Tokyo for my body maintenance. If you’re working out, maybe on your resting day, you can opt for this treatment to speed up your weight loss process.

How’s the rate for the HyperKnife?

You can choose 2 body parts (40mins) and first timer price will be $120 nett! For full body (80mins) the price will be $240. SMS 97808294 to book an appointment with Lucieo Tokyo now!

Do take note that after the treatment, you are not allowed to eat until 2 hours later. So make sure to eat something light before the treatment, and drink tons of water after the treatment to plunge out the fats and toxins that were just melted by the treatment. Hope that you’ll like this treatment as much as I do!


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