Have you ever feel frustrated over your skin problems because no matter what you do, your skin just wouldn’t get any better? I have. Be it sticking acne patch, secretly popping or squeezing them and hoping that it will get better but it always got inflammation (yet we still do it anyway, it’s hard to resist isn’t it), applying acne pink powder spot or even consuming oral contraceptive. I’ve tried all this to solve my whiteheads/blackheads and blind pimples issue yet the problem still surface.

What wrong with my skin and what could be the cause the problem? Frustrating much? Argh!

I often think about the cause, could it be lack or sleep? But I sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, that should be fine isn’t it? How about my pillows? My maid changes them too. Dogs? I have been having them for such a long time now. That shouldn’t be the cause of it! WATER? I drank plenty of it.

Eventually I stopped thinking about it and hoping that it will go away on it owns, well that’s most of the advices our  friend give us isn’t it? Don’t pop the pimple, let it be and it will go away.


 One week ago, Celmonze The Signature invitation came just at the right time!

Celmonze The Signature is a Skin Solution Specialist. As a result-oriented skin solution specialist, they provide fast and effective solutions to all types of skin problems. With their high quality services, products and technology, results are instantly visible after each treatment.

It will be better to get a professional skin specialist to analyse your skin and at the same time, you can ask them some questions to clear your mind. When I was there, the beauty consultant was very patient and she also asked me quite abit of questions so that she can truly understands my unique skin type needs and how to best care for it.

All the question will determine how healthy is our daily lifestyle and this will affect our skin too!

During the consultation, I talked to Cherry about the issue that I’ve facing for a long time.

My biggest concern for my face is blind pimples, I know the cause of the problem is from dry skin but you guys should know that I took care of of my skin a lot but this problem is still surfacing. Therefore I need to know the main causes for it, in order to solve it once and for all *hopefully*

After the consultation, I was told that the cause is due to pH imbalance and hormonal imbalance. Which causes breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads on forehead and chin occasionally, and for blind pimple that grows under the skin? That would require extraction. That is not the only problem I am having! I was also told that my skin is dehydratyed around cheek area and oily around T-zone.

Normal solution such as acne patch or acne pink powder spot wouldn’t be able to help with the issue because it’s under the skin. By popping/squeezing the blind pimple on my own will be the worse mistake as if I don’t do it the right way. Inflammation signals produced by the acne bacteria reach the bloodstream, and the immune system creates more inflammation and that would cause the blind pimple to be even more visible = big striking red acne bump.

After my beauty consultant get to understand more about my skin , she specifically chose this facial called AquoDerm to solve my skin problems. As AquoDerm is a facial treatment that target people who have oily, shiny, stressed and sensitive skin caused by pH imbalance: too alkaline or too acidic. AquoDerm is the perfect facial treatment to cure these problems and give skin a deep hydration through AQUA (plant and water-based solution enriched with vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid & Lactobacillus with anti-bacteria and an inflammation properties.

For starters, here are the main steps included in the AquoDerm facial treatment:

  • Aquoderm Treatment starts from cleansing.
  • AquoDerm Exfoliating Gel.
  • Extraction to double mask application.
  • First mask application will rejuvenate the skin with hydration.
  • Followed by their Signature Facelift Massage on the whole face and neck for 15 minutes for better absorption (comes with instant lift benefits).
  • The second mask refines pores, reduce marks, repair and purify skin against bacteria.
  • The AquoDerm treatment will end with AquoDerm Refine Serum, which is an intensive serum that penetrates deeply to clarify-away a broad range of skin crisis like acne, pimple, blackheads, and oily or dry skin and followed by sunblock application.

p/s: Just remembered that my consultant told me that the difference between AquoDerm facial and other facial is that, they don’t remove the products after each steps. Meaning all the amazing product will be stack up to ensure your skin absorb all the ingredients you need!

You can see some of the acne marks and bumps on my forehead above, guessed what? It’s almost gone!

After facial I went out for gift exchange session with my friends without applying any base makeup and Eric was questioning me if I got something done to my face because my face looks really full and glowy that day. If someone can notice this, the result must be really visible! I’m so impressed by how a session of facial can change the way our skin feels and look. Imagine how your skin will look if you maintain your skin by doing 1 facial a month or if your skin doesn’t have much problem, you can do it like once every few months?!?!

Also, I didn’t experience any breakout after the facial and neither my skin is red or have any reaction towards their products. As you know my skin is pretty sensitive so… I’m really pleased with the result.

Check out their Moisture Repair Gel with HA (Hyaluronic Acid) super interesting! The gel will go back to it’s original form, no matter how you stir or scoop it up. Love the packaging by the way!

Celmonze The Signature was nothing but nice to offer me 3 of their full size product which will help to target my skin issues. I’ve been using them for a week now, the products smells very refreshing and it’s packed with hyaluronic acids which will ensure that my skin gets every moisture that it needs.

My skin is completely healed from the extractions and it looks much cleaner than before because the bumps have reduced. My skin feels and look more moistful and supple these days after using AquoDerm skincare too. Therefore I think that if you’re facing as the same problem as me, this is worth trying!!!

If you can’t find anyways to improve your troubled skin solution, why don’t get a professional help instead? This is the best time for you to try out the treatment that I’ve did with Celmonza The Signature.


You can also enjoy AquoDerm facial that I went through (worth $268) for FREE! Celmonze The Signature will be picking 5 lucky winners and if you’re chosen, you’ll get to bring a friend along!

1. LIKE Celmonze The Signature on Facebook

2. TAG A FRIEND on Facebook here

3. FILL IN YOUR INFO through this link

Winners will be notified by 31 January 2018. Contest ends 20 January 2018.

If you’ve registered but wasn’t chosen, Celmonze The Signature will be giving out a complimentary travel kit (worth $98) if you do decided to go try out the Aquoderm Facial Treatment at a very special price!

*Do note that the promotion only applies to new customers. Terms and conditions apply.

Check out their site for more information!


Here are the list of available outlets in Singapore:

406, Tampines Street 41
#01-19, Singapore 520406
Tel: 67897879 / 8838 3223

11 Rivervale Crescent
#02-01, Singapore 545082
Tel : 8826 1082 / 6386 0757

Heartland Mall, Kovan
205, Hougang Street 21
#03-10 Singapore 530205
Tel: 8828 8287 / 6282 6287





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