Neo Silk Frais Vent Skincare from Japan

Hello y’all! Today I’ll be reviewing about this new collagen skincare brand from Japan called Frais Vent Neo Silk that is created using Japan most advance technology, which I’ve been trying for quite awhile now.

First of all I’ll briefly explain about HITO Collagen so that you’ll understand more about it!

HITO means human in Japanese.

Neo Silk is the world first new technology to produce collagen that has the same amino acids with human skin. HITO Collagen is refined from silkworm cocoon which is less likely to develop allergy. Moreover with the help of Hito Collagen, all the awesome beauty ingredient will be able to penetrate into our skin perfectly to maximise the result!

Frais Vent Neo Silk doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients, it’s alcohol free, paraben free, no mineral oil, no colouring and no chemical fragrance!

More detailed information — click here to read!

As we know collagen is important to facial anti-aging, which is why it’s best to start consuming or apply collagen products when you’re in the 20’s because our natural production of collagen reduces by one percent each year. That’s why we typically begin to notice the earliest signs of aging in our skin, a few fine lines here and there… as we approach our mid 30s.

Therefore this is where Neo Silk HITO Collagen Skincare range comes in! Not to mention that they are featured in Japan’s television and magazine as ranking 1 beauty award product!

Mild Cleansing | Retailing: $45

Make up can be easily remove with this Cleansing oil that contain collagen and 68% beauty ingredient. It’s very mild yet effective! This is one of their best selling product!

Mild Wash | Retailing: $39

Create a nice thick lather with just a little pea size amount of product. Love how it feels soft and gentle to my sensitive skin and it doesn’t have the squeaky clean tight feeling. This cleanser also contain collagen in it! As shown below, my skin moisture level actually went up 21.3% after I wash my face with their Mild Cleansing and the oil level went down too!

Neo Silk Lotion (Toner) | Retailing: $65

Neosilk Lotion is formulated to locks in the moisture and penetrate all the awesome beauty ingredients into our skin. It feels very refreshing and supple on skin!

Neo Silk Essence (Serum) | Retailing: $99

This is another one of their best selling product which is my favourite too! The texture of the serum is like gel but slightly watery. Feels very lightweight on skin and doesn’t have the sticky or greasy feeling. It contains 10x of HITO Collagen than the other products!

Neo Silk Cream | Retailing: $75

Contains 5x of HITO Collagen. This cream will takes awhile to be fully absorb for it to be non-sticky. I will recommend the gel version if you’re not a cream texture lover like me.

p/s: Neo Silk Gel is one of their best seller!

Where to purchase Frais Vent Neo Silk?

Singapore Official Online Shop | Physical Shop List | Qoo10


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