It has been quite awhile since I did liposuction and fat grafting in Bangkok. Sorry for the long wait, I’ve received countless of email enquiries regarding the procedures and to those who missed out my Instagram Stories the other time. I hope that my post will be able to help you know more about it.

The clinic that I went to is a reputable clinic in Bangkok that is patronise even by their local celebrities and influencers. They are located conveniently opposite of a popular shopping mall. Because of language barrier I was worried that it might be hard to find this place but luck for us that there’s uber!

I got quite a number of questions regarding on the hygiene and cleanliness for the clinic. lol! Rest assured girls, the clinic is clean and tidy. You can see it for yourself in this post.

Waiting area – this space is usually filled up by their locals during lunch time.

I did my fat grafting and laser liposuction on a separated day because of some miscommunication issue which caused me some problems during my stay in Bangkok. They might be able to speak English but very basic English I would say, that’s why I would suggest you girls to double check or clarify with them for your surgery to make sure they didn’t left anything out. I went there with one of my friend and she didn’t have any problem, so I guess it depends on who is the one handling your booking.

Hopefully they have improved on this because this is the only problem that I faced with them.

Other than that their nurses are really friendly and helpful towards me and my friend.

3 months post surgery – Vaser Liposuction

I did liposuction on my arms, tummy and thighs. As you can see on the photo above that my arms still have some fats but its definitely smaller than before, however I’ll be considering to go back for liposuction again during December. As a patient can only get revision done six months later!

The tremendous changed would be my tummy and thigh! It’s PERFECT! Thigh gap is back and my tummy is extremely flat even when I sit down. However, some issue that I’ve faced is that my tummy is a little bit lumpy and uneven on the right side but it doesn’t bother me cause it’s not that obvious.

According to them, the amount of fats you lose from liposuction shouldn’t show on your weighting scale but 1-2 months after my liposuction, I lost about 6-9kg in total. (If you recalled I undergo vegetarian diet for about 3 weeks) I would say that watching my diet did contribute a big part for my weight loss process.


This is taken 4 days after my surgery. You may or may not have serious bruising like me, it depends on individual as our body is different in their own way. My friend whom did the surgery with me was very lucky as she didn’t experience any serious bruising. So I guess this is something that you can look out for?

3 months post surgery – Fat Grafting

To be honest my experience with their fat grafting wasn’t a complete positive one. The areas that I got fat grafting done is forehead, smile line and chin. I woke up with a super swollen forehead but luckily it de-swelled within 3 days and it look nice now. But my chin bruises was very bad, in fact it’s my first time experiencing bruises from fat grafting and the bruises took a week plus to go off. You might want to get a longer leave from work if you’re considering to get fat grafting done.

Frequently Asked Question:

Was there any severe bruising/pain? 
Bruising and pain tolerance is depends on individual.

I experienced severe bruising that takes 2 weeks+ to go off, however there’s no pain.
My friend experience pain and minimal bruising.

Will there be any scar?
Incisions are necessary to perform liposuction procedure and these will leave scars. However, they are generally short. You can purchase surgical scar gel and apply it after surgery.

Does your skin feels saggy after laser liposuction?
Nope! Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound to break down the fat. This technique is more popular as compared to the more traditional surgical liposuction due to its quick recovery time, and immediate results. The procedure also stimulates collagen production, resulting in the skin tightening rather than sagging. Moreover it also have lesser blood loss during the procedure.

How long did the procedure take and how long did you stay in bangkok for?
The procedure is pretty straightforward for Vaser Liposuction, you’ll be undergoing TIVA (Total intravenous anaesthesia). TIVA and Propofol will be injected into your vein so that you’ll loss sensation completely and sleep throughout the whole surgery. If you’re doing the same area as me, it takes about 4 hours for the whole procedure. Also, you can choose to stay in BKK for 9 days to remove the stitches OR you can choose to leave earlier and get your stitches remove in your country. For more enquiries please contact them instead because I’m not sure when is the earliest date you can leave the country.

How’s the process like for Vaser Liposuction?
1st Day: Consultation + Blood Test
2nd Day: Operation
9th Day: Remove Stitches, Follow up

Can they speak English? Do we have to hire translator?
The staffs at the clinic can speak in English, however they are not very fluent.

If you’re intending to get it done email me for more info.

Email: hello@mykxii.com



  1. November 7, 2017

    What was the cost to be ??

  2. November 9, 2017

    You mind sharing which clinic is this?

  3. December 24, 2017


    May i knOw which clinic was that and the Areas That were Liped?
    What is the cost per area?


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