This is my third time collaborating with my baby twin bear @yutakis for Etude House Singapore event and this time round we will be doing a makeover for three girls that the team and us picked for the three Krystal look.

Photo 7-6-17, 4 48 12 AM

Photo 7-6-17, 4 35 18 AM

Left to Right: Qia, Cherie and Syarifah Farhana

Each of the winner have been picked according to the look. Qia will be rocking the Swag Red Look, Cherie looking sweet with Romantic Frill Pink and Farhana working the sporty look Atheleisure Orange.

Photo 7-6-17, 5 03 18 AM

It was quite a short notice to gather people to rsvp for the event and we were worried that not many people would turn up for the event but you guys surprised us! As the RSVP was fully booked! We even have to request for extra slot for it. You guys don’t know how much this mean to us! Yutaki and me was so excited and nervous!!! We are happy that you guys actually took your time to come down and support us and no words can express how thankful we felt.

Photo 7-6-17, 5 55 45 AM (1)

We hope that everyone managed to learn one or two thing from us that day! ✌

Photo 7-6-17, 5 01 13 AM

Eyeliner used that day: Play101 Pencil 49 & 01

If you like to go for natural look always opt for a brown eyeliner (49) it will soften the whole look. As for the Swag Red look I’m working on a smokey eye therefore I used a black liner (01). Note: I use brown liner for my daily look!

Photo 7-6-17, 4 53 30 AM

Cheek colour used: Lovely Cookie Blusher – #6 Grapefruit Jelly

Big fan of Pony would have know that she have hyped for this blusher and it really live up to her recommendation. The pink is very natural and subtle, you can build up the colour as it’s very easy to blend and not patchy!

Photo 7-6-17, 4 56 11 AM

Last but not least, our star item would be the Glass Tinting Lips!

You can read the full review of this on Yutakis’s blog:


Photo 7-6-17, 4 59 56 AM

Photo 7-6-17, 5 14 56 AM

After the makeup is completed, we move on to the styling session by Yutaki!

Photo 7-6-17, 4 33 31 AM

All the clothings that was shown on that day is by H:CONNECT

They are a Korean boutique that sells various style from edgy street wear to chic, sophisticated styles. If you don’t know… SNSD Yoona is their ambassador and you can also spot other kpop star wearing their clothing on drama or variety shows. Just in cased you’re wondering, they do sells men’s apparels too!

Facebook / Address: 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021 / Phone: 6264 9872

Photo 7-6-17, 5 09 00 AM

Photo 7-6-17, 6 00 18 AM

All the clothing that we are wearing is from H:CONNECT except Yutaki’s clothing and my skirt!

Photo 7-6-17, 4 51 11 AM

After the girls dress up it will be voting time and Cherie is the winner!

Photo 7-6-17, 5 10 53 AM

We hoped that you guys enjoy the party as much as we do! Always happy to see you guys!

Processed with MOLDIV

Tagged us if you managed to take a photo with us otherwise it wouldn’t be shown on our Instagram!

Photo 4-6-17, 3 22 50 PM

Ending the post with a group photo and hopefully we will get to do this again soon!



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    German Gabriel

    So nicee <33

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    Hello miya is ur bf named ash sth korean? Cause i see instag story he sPeak korean. Daebak!!! Hope u last Long and married. Koreans are loyal. ❤️ U PlaNning learn korean laNguage?


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