I was invited to try out a new technique to apply lashes at LUCIEO TOKYO – the only salon, if not, one of the few salons in singapore that is certified and specialized in the UPwardlash® technique. All their eyelists is being taught and certified by UPwardlash® technique teacher from Japan to ensure a comfortable experience during the process.

UPwardlash® technique is an extremely safe and gentle way to lift your droopy lashes. But do note that it’s not eyelash perming therefore doing this on long term basis will not solve your droopy lash problem. As for the process… I’m not sure how the magic works as the technique itself is a secret that is taught personally by 2 teachers in Japan.


Main benefits of the UPwardlash® technique compared to the standard technique:

Holy grail of all droopy lash problems: if you have droopy lashes, you will find that it stubbornly grows straight down, covering your eye, shadowing over your eyes making you look sad and tired. With the UPwardlash® technique, it harmlessly lifts up your droopy lashes to reveal bigger and brighter eyes!

100% Safe, Natural, Gentle, No chemicals

Apparently this technique will work even better for people with monolids or anyone that have struggles with eyelash extension being not obvious due to their eyes issue. Instead to opt for L lashes (eyelash extension that is in L shape, extremely unnatural and look ugly on the side), I would highly recommend you guys to try this.


My UPwardlash® lasted for 2 weeks plus during my Philippines island trip, I was expecting it to get messy and start falling off here and there during the 1 week plus period. Because the amount of time I wipe and rub the sea water off my eyes while I was out the sea was insane. As compare to standard technique, it seems to stay on much neater, even after 2 weeks. Good job in bracing through the sea, crazy wind and storm with me!!!


Natural single lash extensions has always been Lucieo Tokyo forte, therefore for any girls that is into natural style instead of the dramatic kind. Girls, they have your back! Any length, curl or thickness. You want it, they do it!

I also got my bottom lashes done too. It doesn’t last as long as the top lashes but it sure makes my eyes look bigger and prettier than usual. You can check out their Instagram for comparison photos of UPwardlash® and standard eyelashes extension. Quote ‘Miyake’ for promo rate at $110 for 130 lashes (U.P $160)

For curious kitty that wants to try out UPwardlash®, dial/msg/whatsapp → 9780 8294

Address: 11 Unity street, #01-32, Robertson Walk, Robertson Walk, 237995


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