GALA Yuzawa, Niigata and Tokyo

Hello there, as mentioned on my snapchat that I was working on this post as I hope to live this post asap before I start procrastinating and lost interest in editing as usual. By the way, I am sad by the fact that  due to some unforeseen reasons I have to postpone the trip and couldn’t spend white Christmas in Niseko but look on the bright side, I still got to experience snowboarding.

Initially our plan was to rent a car from Haneda Airport and drive all the way up to Niigata and take it as an adventure trip but the car rental person told us that it might take us 6 hours (which is not true, it took us 1 hour 30 minutes from Niigata to Tokyo) and seeing how tired my boyfriend was I told him that we should take the Tokyo Monorail and Joetsu Shinkansen instead as I didn’t apply for IDP “International Driving Pass” so I wouldn’t be able to take turn and drive for him.

Just in cased you’re wondering, car rental from the airport is 5000円 a day.

Tokyo Monorail: Haneda Airport → Hamamatsucho = 490円
JR Yamamoto Line: Hamamatsucho → Tokyo = 190円
Joetsu Shinkansen: Tokyo → Niigata = 10,570円

It took us 2 hours 15 minutes to reached Niigata and we were completely worn out from train ride and walking, which is why we rented a car from Toyota at about 6950円 per day. It so worth it!

If you’re intending to take the train, there is luggage delivery at the airport!

Thanks Rikeru for the tip, I didn’t know that Japan airport provide luggage delivery service at a small fee of about 1000円. They will help you delivery your luggage from airport to your hotel, so that you don’t have to carry your luggage to walk around or climbing up/down the stairs. If you intend to take a train back to airport, just go to the nearest convenience store as they have baggage service too. But you’ll have to send in a few days before your departure date!


Driving to GALA Yuzawa from our hotel this was taken before breakfast, being a nocturnal and hungry at the same time obviously make us unhappy. So first thing we do is to stop by a station and grab a bowl of hot ramen and tempura udon before we hit the road!

P1080132 copy-2


Number 76 Steve really did an incredible job! Each time I shampoo my hair it changes colour! It has been 2 weeks now and I’ve seen neon purple, hot pink, amethyst or lilac, too many shades of purple. For the usual hair dye it would probably be faded to a nasty colour.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.12.39 PM copy

Winter is my favourite season cause for some reason it just feels magical to me



Bought a pink ski pants and glove to match the top that Rikeru gave it to me during Christmas!


One of the best mint choco ice-cream I ever had so far!


Special thanks to Changi Recommends for the wifi router!

Both my boyfriend and I connects all our devices (4 smartphones and 1 laptop) and we did not experience any interruption throughout the whole trip. Furthermore the portable wifi router from Changi Recommends’s speed is even better than our Hotel Wifi, we even tried watching Prison Break and read manga at the same time in our hotel room with it and there wasn’t any problem.

If I’m renting something I want the collection and return to be fuss-free! I don’t want to go out of my way to somewhere to collect/return or having to pay for the delivery charges. For Changi Recommends, I can conveniently collect/return the router at any of their 24/7 booth located in all three terminals before my flight, moreover there will be no charge for the first day of collection.

For more information, you can contact Changi Recommends:
Email: | Tel: 6701 1185 | WhatsApp: 9427 6977


Didn’t bring my camera along for snowboarding, that explained why there are only a few photos



 Neither my boyfriend and I have ever been to Tokyo DisneySea, so we decided to check out the place. Just like Disneyland everywhere is packed with people but nevertheless this place is enjoyable and everything is so pretty and cute!


Bought James P. Sullivan monster hat to match my hair!



Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.23.05 AM copy


P1100189 copy

Milk Chocolate Flavour Pop Corn




I just realised that I didn’t spot any Disney character mascot that day…


Randomly walked around Shinjuku and tried out this shop food and surprisingly it was good!


I love having raw eggs in rice, raw egg with raw beef or beef dipped in raw egg!



Brought my boyfriend to Akihabara to release the inner otaku in him, lol.

I was looking for Super Sonico oppai mouse pad and my boyfriend was looking for his Rias Gremory dakimakura. But we got no luck with it, was it because it’s outdated??? As everywhere seems to be filled with Love Live!



Beef Tongue is one of my favourite food


Visited Owl no Mori 「 アウルの森 」it means forest of owl in English, the store is located at Akihabara and it’s best for you to make a reservation in advance before heading there to avoid any disappointment or long waiting time. The admission fee is 890円 for an hour and it comes with one free drink, I personally find the store too cramped and the light was rather dim.




Address: 4 Chome-5-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0021, 5th floor


Got to visit Asakusa Shrine and pray for my love ones for their health and safety. 





Got no idea what is this, I chose custard cream as the inner filling and it so damn good!


Sparkling nails done by Yvonne, call/msg/whatsapp 9091 0168 to book an appointment!


P1120371 copy-2

After having dinner, we will be heading over to Tokyo Sky Tree!



Tokyo night view is amazing up here, you can check out Danny Choo post on it!


Thank you Japan, thanks for being such an beautiful and amazing country!


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