Can’t believed that it took me so long to realised that my intentionally dark coloured roots doesn’t goes well with my current hair colour. I went back to Number 76 three weeks after my hair faded to a gorgeous pastel shade here, and if it wasn’t for my roots I wouldn’t be colouring my hair again so soon! As I extremely love the pastel shade, I’ve been trying to get pastel hair colour since ages and tbh they are hard to achieve and maintain. Lighter colour means it will fade off faster and to maintain!

Most people will recommend you to use a dry shampoo and try not to wash your hair everyday as it will strip the colour off your hair, or another option is to get a coloured shampoo so that the colour can last slightly longer. Been there done that and don’t like that!

Do you know after I got my hair done at Number 76, I shampoo my hair at least once a day. Sometimes twice and the colour is still able to last so long! Therefore, if you’re considering to try out some unicorn hair colours, I will highly recommend their colour treatment!


I asked for a less neon purple this time and once again my hair colour is on point!

P1253892 copy

In some photo they look as if the purple is on the top part and pink below, while some pictures they look completely pink or purple.

P1253876 copy

I also got to try out their signature hair treatment “Ultrasonic Hair Treatment” that is highly raved by so many people online!


This classic favourite ultrasonic iron is a exclusive technology from Japan, vibrates 37,000 beats per hour to separates particles of protein, water and oil in hair treatment to penatrate the products deep into our hair to ensure incredibly smooth, shiny, and manageable mane! This treatment is highly recommend  to those who are concerned about dry, messy and damaged hair due to frequent colorings or perms. It will last for at least for 2 weeks to a month time! Only at Number 76, thank me later!


Thanks for the breakfast and my beautiful hair, Steve!



277, Orchard Road, #02-23 Orchard Gateway 238858

Tel: +65 63857576 / 6776
Email: contact@number76.com
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (Daily)

Easy peasy online booking in less than 1 minute:


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